School Governors

School governors are people from the school’s wider community who wish to make a positive contribution to the children’s education.

The full governing body’s main responsibility is to give clear strategic leadership in order that at FJS we provide a stimulating and purposeful learning environment in which the children develop their full potential both in their relationships with others and in the knowledge, understanding and skills required to live happy and fulfilling lives now and in the future.
Governors are the largest volunteer force in the county and help to uphold school standards through their three key roles of:
  • setting strategic direction;
  • ensuring accountability;
  • monitoring and evaluating school performance.
Full Governing Body Constitution

The Governing body is made up of the following:
  • 6 Parent Governors, elected by the parents of the children in the school.
  • 1 Head Teacher Governor.
  • 1 Authority Governor, appointed by the Local County Council.
  • 8 Co-opted governors, elected by the Full Governing Body.

Falcon Junior School Constitution

Currently there are:

  • Governor vacancies - 2 parent, 1 co-opted
  • Governors with governance roles in other educational institutions - 2: Rev Stokes and Mrs Stubbs
  • Governors with relevant business and/or pecuniary interests - none
  • Governors with material intersts arising from relationships between governors or relationships between governors and school staff - none
  • Governors with low attendance - none 

Click here for Edubase which holds further information about our Governors. (EduBase is a register of educational establishments in England and Wales, maintained by the Department for Education. It provides information on establishments providing compulsory, higher and further education).


Term Start

Term End


Local Authority Governors


Alex McAnulty

24 Nov 2018

23 Nov 2022


Co-opted governors


Ian Carman

11 Mar 2019

10 Mar 2023


Graham Chapple

13 Sep 2018

12 Sep 2022


Victoria Harmer

11 Mar 2019

10 Mar 2023


Simon Stokes

11 Mar 2019

10 Mar 2023


Isabel Stubbs

11 Mar 2019

10 Mar 2023


Vacancy (1)


Vacancy (2)


Vacancy (3)


Parent governors


Matthew Cubitt

01 Jul 2018

30 Jun 2022


Mr Paul Disdle

19 Nov 2018

18 Nov 2022


Mrs Kayla Dunne

08 Nov 2016

07 Nov 2020


Mel Oakes-Buckingham

01 Jul 2018

30 Jun 2022


Mrs Michelle Shorten

01 Jul 2018

30 Jun 2022


Vacancy (1)




Edd Savage


Staff governors


Amy Austin

01 Sep 2015

31 Aug 2019

School Profile
Following the passage of the Education Act 2005, governing bodies are no longer required to hold an annual meeting for parents or produce a governors' annual report to parents. The report has been replaced by the school profile, which is designed for schools to communicate with parents about the school's progress, priorities and performance. Profiles are completed and published online.
To raise a matter with the Falcon Junior School governing body please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Chair of governors, or leave a message via the school office.

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