Outdoor Learning

At Falcon Junior School, we believe that all children have the right to experience the unique and special nature of being outdoors in order to foster their love of learning.

This can include; outdoor play, school grounds projects, environmental education, recreational and adventure activities, personal and social development, and more. We aim to embed outdoor learning into all curriculum areas so it is an integral part of our learning.

Outdoor learning can provide a dramatic contrast to the indoor classroom. There is strong evidence that good quality learning outside the classroom adds much value to classroom learning. It leads to a deeper understanding of concepts that span traditional subject boundaries and which are frequently difficult to teach effectively using classroom methods alone.

The results from outdoor learning can be instantaneous as well as active and therefore impact on behaviour as well as tapping into the learning styles of the more kinaesthetic learner. Through skilled teaching, outdoor experiences readily become a stimulating source of fascination, personal growth and can lead to breakthroughs in learning. Active learning readily develops the learning skills of enquiry, experiment, feedback, reflection, review, communication, problem solving, an enterprising attitude and cooperative learning – to name only some of the benefits.

Outdoor Learning can help to bring learning alive. For that reason, the outdoors can have an impact on areas of the curriculum as diverse as imaginative writing and personal and social development as well as can have a positive impact upon children’s behaviour. It raises learners’ attainment, promotes and strengthens communication skills, team work and sense of cohesion.

In October 2022 we will be engaging and working with OPAL (Outdoor Play and Learning) to devleop our outdoor spaces and make lunch and breaktimes an exciting learning opportunity.