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 Full School Reopening September 2020

18th September Letter

14th September Letter

Welcome back letter

Year 3 and 4 Arrival video

Year 5 Arrival video

Year 6 Arrival Video

Norfolk County Council Compliance Code for all Educational Settings

NCC Compliance Code Risk Assessment

NCC Management of Covid-19 Cases in Educational Settings

Further Risk Assessment (School)

Information for Parents

Start, end and breaktimes

Building Entry and Exit

Poster A

Poster B

Summer 2020

Newsletter July 2020

Year 6 letter 15th July

Letter regarding reopening in September

Letter 6th July

Letter 1st July

Video about arrangements for WHFPS from 29th June

Days of opening WHFPS

Arrival and dismissal times WHFPS from 29th June

WHFPS from 29th June Year 3, 4 and 5

Protective measures in schools (DfE)

What parents need to know about schools (C19 DfE)

Reopeniing w/b 22nd June

Reopening w/b 15th June

Arrival and Dismissal times w/b 15th June

Break and lunch w/b 15th June

Safer Schools Partnership - Sunflowers

Critical Workers as of 8th June 2020

Year 6 Block arrangements as of 8th June 2020

Modular Building Resident's Letter June 2020

Year 2 Letter June 4th 2020

Whole school reopening letter 3rd June

Reopening letter No but Review 2020

Reopening letter No 2020

Breaktimes Bubble 1 and 2

Breaktimes Bubble 3, 4 and 5

Timetabling for week beginning 8th June

Arrangements for reopening

Video for arrival and office information June 2020

Video for arrangements at SCA June 2020

SCA Plan Reopening 8th June 2020

Reopening letter Year 6 22nd May 2020

Falcon building update May 18th 2020

Year 4 Letter May 2020

Letter regarding possible opening of schools for Year 6

NCC update letter regarding the Falcon building

Welcome back April 2020

Spring 2020

Cluster Attendance Letter Jan 2020

Year 3 Castle Museum Trip Jan 2020

Times Table Rock Stars

Urgent Flooding information letter

Flooding update 23rd January

Flooding update 24th January

Flooding update 30th January

Flooding update 6th February

Flooding update 13th February

NCC Flooding update 13th February

Flooding update 28th February

Flooding update 5th March

Flooding update 12th March

Coronavirus 2nd March

Parking 2nd March

Poster Competition 3rd March

Year 3 Spring 2 Newsletter 2020

Year 4 Spring 2 Newsletter 2020

Year 5 Spring 2 Newsletter 2020 

Year 6 Spring 2 Newsletter 2020 

Holt Hall 

Coronavirus advice for places of education

Uniform March 2020

Update 12th March 2020

Spring Bunny Competition Results

Coronavirus update 16 March 2020

Coronavirus update 17 March 2020

Coronavirus update 19 March 2020

Safeguarding Closure March 2020

Coronavirus update 20 March 2020

"Critical/key worker" letter March 22nd 2020

Free Packed Lunches Easter 2020

Online Safety Closure Letter 2nd April 2020

Parent letter 6th April 2020

Autumn 2019

Christmas Lunch 2019

CCTV at Falcon

Newsletter Dec 2019

Summer 2019

Year 5 Colchester Zoo (4-04-2019)

Holt Hall 2019 (1-05-2019)

Falcon 50 Update May 2019

Parentpay (10-07-2019)

Childhood Flu Immunisation Programme (July 2019)

Spring 2019

Newsletter (volume 11 Issue 3)

Attendance at school and legal intervention (7-01-2019)

Credit system update (7-01-2019)

Multiplication tables check (15-01-2019)

Dinner money and Parent Pay (23-01-2019)

Year Six Maths Evening - February 11th 2019 (23-01-2019)

Norfolk Constabulary parking Concerns - February 2019

Parking at Falcon - (11-02-2019)

Internet Safety - 27-02-2019

Water Closure 06-03-2019

Funding issues March 2019

Easter Lunch 18-09-2019



Summer 2018

Newsletter (Volume 10 Issue 8)


Spring 2018

Newsletter (Volume 10 Issue 4) (Volume 10 Issue 4)

Newsletter (Volume 10 Issue 4 part 2)


Autumn 2017

Newsletter (Volume 10 Issue 3)

Newsletter (Volume 10 Issue 2)

Newsletter (Volume 10 Issue 1)




Summer 2017

Newsletter (Volume 9 Issue 8 part 1)

Newsletter (Volume 9 Issue 8 part 2)





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