Through Computing teaching at Falcon, we aim for our children to become confident and respectful digital citizens who know how to stay safe online. Key online safety messages are revisited regularly over each year at Falcon.

We use the Teach Computing Curriculum, which is an inspiring, and engaging curriculum developed by the National Centre for Computing Education. Themes are revisited and projects encourage creativity such as designing a stop-frame animation project in Year 3, podcast production in Year 4, film-making in Year 5 and website creation in Year 6. Learning how to design, create and debug code provides pupils with a creative, engaging context to explore and apply computing concepts within programming, with pupils in year 5 and 6 able to use physical computing equipment such as Crumbles and Micro:bits. Computers are a great tool and thus learning how they connect to each other, can be used for research, communication, information sharing as well collaboration helps our children to use them more effectively.

These projects provide opportunities for our pupils to consolidate their knowledge, help to express themselves articulately, develop their creativity, be digitally literate and become successful programmers thus equipping them for the future workplace and as active participants in a digital world. Skills build upon prior learning over each academic year and by the end of Key Stage Two we want our pupils to confidently apply these to a variety of projects that link their learning to real life purpose.