Through high quality teaching of daily English lessons at Falcon, our aim is to equip our children with the key skills needed to become confident and creative learners who are able to have a positive and meaningful impact on society. By the end of year 6, we want our pupils to enjoy a love of learning and a passion for English so they are able to leave us with an ability to speak, write and communicate fluently and to the best of their abilities. This will allow our pupils to fulfill their potential and to thrive as learners, enabling them to acquire knowledge, understand the opinions of others and engage meaningfully with the world.

From January 2021, the school has undertaken a journey into Talk For Writing. We are working closely alongside Jane Ralphs, a Talk For Writing Consultant, in a two year training package, training all teachers and teaching assistants in this quality first approach. The impact of this is already evident across our school. Our Talk For Writing units build a bespoke, progressive and cumulative writing curriculum, ensuring a consistent approach across the school, allowing pupils to make the best possible progress.
Our writing curriculum is planned to build on prior learning as the children progress across the school. Our progression road maps can be downloaded below. They follow the same layout as this one for settings: