School Council

School Council at Falcon Junior School consists of a group of children who help make the school a better place. At the beginning of each year new members are selected from every class by a class vote with each class selecting one boy and one girl.  Each month all members have a meeting and decide what needs to be changed or improved. After the meeting information is reported back to the class before the next meeting.
COVID has significantly affected our children's fitness and enthusiasm. We want to give that back and see some bigger smiles in our school.

Added to that, in 2019, the school was flooded, meaning that Years 3, 4 and 5 were relocated long-term to another local school, while Year 6 remained on site. The staff and children found the disruption really challenging, but our school values of positivity and resilience kept us going together.

Our playground isn't of the quality that our kids deserve. Our council funding is currently directed to the massive works needed to rebuild the school and the children are learning in modular buildings until the construction is complete. We want to give the children brand new equipment as part of an initiative to get them to enjoy being active and outdoors again!

Help us get our community moving again!