Homework is an important extension of normal school work. It is used to consolidate, reinforce or extend knowledge, understanding and skills, particularly in literacy and numeracy. It also enables the children to take more responsibility for organising themselves and to become more independent.

Regular reading with parents is important for all children and reading contracts are arranged to encourage this.

Every effort is made to ensure that the children clearly understand what they should do. There is a regular routine for setting and handing in homework and diaries are used to facilitate good communication with parents.

It is hoped that parents will:
  • Provide a place where it is possible to work without unhelpful distractions.
  • Take an interest and make it clear that homework is valued and important.
  • Give a lot of encouragement and praise.

Further information is given in our home-school agreement which all new children and parents are invited to sign and we hope you will contact us if there is anything you would like to discuss. The Homework policy can also be found in the School Information section of the website.