Geography at Falcon begins in Year 3 with children learning about the United Kingdom, focusing in on our local area, and then widening their geographical knowledge and understanding of the world as they progress through the school - exploring Europe and then the Americas more closely. We focus on expanding and deepening their knowledge in four key areas: location knowledge, place knowledge, human and physical features of an area and geographical skills and fieldwork. As well as geographical knowledge, we aim to develop the children’s geographical skills from giving opinions in Year 3 to analysing and interpreting to reach justified judgements and conclusions in Year 6. We seek to promote the children’s understanding of diverse places and the Earth’s key physical processes and human features. The curriculum is designed to revisit and build upon their geographical knowledge year on year as they progress through the school. By the end of Year 6 we expect the children to have a good understanding of the countries they have learned about and be able to tell the difference between human and physical geography, explain the main geographical processes which occur on Earth and be able to read and interpret Ordinance Survey maps.