School Uniform

Uniform plays an extremely important part in helping the children to develop a sense of identity with the school and in helping us to achieve the standards of work and behaviour we all wish for. We have appreciated excellent support from parents for many years and experience tells us that there should be no compromises.

Pupils should wear:
  • Navy blue cardigan or v-neck pullover.
  • White shirt.
  • School tie (always available for purchase from school office).
  • Medium grey skirt at least knee length, trousers or shorts. No fashion alternatives such as jeans and leggings.
  • Blue/white checked dresses may be worn in the summer term. Or a grey pinafore with a white shirt as an alternative.
  • White socks with skirts or dresses.
  • Plain grey or black socks with trousers.
  • White or black tights (for cold weather).
  • Black flat heeled shoes or ankle boots. Many parents felt that in inclement weather, some shoes could become very wet and therefore ankle boots would be more practical. No knee high boots please. No trainers or sandals. If children wish to use the field when wet, a change of footwear can be brought in to use on the field i.e. trainers.

Physical Education & Games

Team colour shirt, black shorts, plimsolls or trainers.

Football boots and shin pads may be worn for football, rugby, and hockey. Track suits may be worn during cold weather. Team colour clothing is available from School Trends (


Boys to wear trunks, not long shorts, and girls should wear a one piece costume. A swimming cap is essential. Goggles are optional.

Other clothing

Protective clothing should be worn for practical subjects (e.g. an old shirt).

Long hair should be tied back with a hair bobble.

Simple Alice bands in either blue, white or black can be worn.

No other hair accessories such as bows etc.

Make-up, including nail varnish, is not acceptable.

Jewellery should not be worn to avoid accidents or loss/damage, except one small stud in each ear if pierced (must be removed by the child for PE lesson, except within the first six weeks of piercing, when studs can be taped over). Please note, tape to be supplied from home.

If the weather is wet, and your child wishes to use the field, a change of footwear is required such as trainers.


Hairstyles and personal grooming should be in accordance with reasonable expectations, with extremes of fashion avoided. No hair dye.