Our aim is to promote high standards of learning and safe practice across all levels of physical education, school sport and physical activity. At Falcon Junior School, we provide the children with two hours of physical education a week in addition to providing a range of extra-curricular clubs before, during and after school.

In terms of school sport, we are affiliated members of the Norwich Primary School Football Association and the Norfolk Primary Schools Athletic Association, competing in football, cross-country and the City Sports athletics event. Additionally, we take teams of children to a variety of sporting events run by the Norwich East School Sports Partnership (affiliated with the Norfolk School Games initiative) and local clubs.

At Falcon, we believe that our PE and school sport curriculums provide children with the skills, knowledge and understanding to be committed to and lead a healthy, active lifestyle during and beyond school and well as developing an enjoyment of PE, school and community sports.

At Falcon, we believe that all we provide within our PE and school sport results in pupils who:

  • demonstrate a commitment to PE, sport and healthy lifestyles during and beyond education;
  • understand the PE curriculum and develop problem-solving skills;
  • understand how PE and sport contributes to healthy, active lifestyles including: fitness, health, social skills, emotional and mental well-being;
  • confidence to take part in, share and try new things;
  • have acquired fundamental, gross and fine motor skills in controlling their bodies;
  • participate in a range of competitive and challenging activities;
  • can make decisions for themselves in a variety of situations;
  • have instilled core values: respect, discipline, sportsmanship and responsibility;
  • improved communication: social skills, teamwork and leadership;
  • demonstrate and improve fitness;
  • demonstrate a will to make progress; and
  • enjoy PE, school and community sport.

We follow the Get Set 4 PE progression for knowledge and skills in PE.